Painted Jeans

Painted Jeans

Artists create — they don’t replicate or attempt to mimic something already in existence. Even two different works with vast similarities have a few differences when you look closely, be it brush strokes, variances in color, or another texture.

SERNES views our men’s painted jeans in a similar fashion. We take a handcrafted approach that builds off our brand’s original mission and embodies the passion we feel to this day, inspired by the rockstar lifestyle. We began by designing handmade clothing for our friends, and even with 10-plus years in the fashion industry, we continue to appreciate the individuality of handcrafted details and fine workmanship. You’ll spot these facets and more in our painted jeans.

About Our Men’s Painted Jeans

We see our denim as a canvas or blank wall. It’s bare, beginning with a black, white, or indigo hue in varying degrees of saturation, but its blankness is open to several realms of possibility. 

Just as with creating any work of art, we take a number of approaches. Among our styles, you’ll spot paint-splattered jeans — embodying freedom and the world’s limitlessness. From here, we add broad brush strokes over the denim’s surface, creating distinctive shapes and contrasts, or we aim for refined, utilizing paint to craft smaller graphics.

Of course, paint doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and while it delivers statement-making appeal on its own, we strive for more. Get the impact you seek and go get ‘em with painted jeans featuring rips, prints, fading, and additional embellishments, each rounding out its character.

And, because rockstars need to move, we design our jeans from our Los Angeles location with a cotton/elastane blend and have each pair manufactured in Europe. Once you put them on, you won’t blend into the crowd, and all eyes will be on you. 

Discover and push new limits of style with our painted jeans for men. Shop our selection today, and get free express shipping on your order. 

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