The question isn't "Off or on?" but "Which one?" Jackets rest on a reputation as a practical garment that you put on when it's cool to keep warm. Although this outlook suits someone going through the motions, of sticking to preconceived expectations, it's not enough for the rockstars out there. Your jackets and coats do their job, sure, but they also make a statement embodying your fearless, live-to-the extremes lifestyle.

SERNES designs for the man looking to go big - travel the distance, make a memorable impression and get others to pay attention. He's someone never content to stand in the background, letting others take center stage and hog the limelight. Our men's jackets, reflecting our individualistic, occasionally handcrafted approach to denim, avoid this cookie-cutter, practical-only trap by doing their own thing while simultaneously integrating with the rest of your wardrobe.

Jackets with Rebellious Passion

SERNES began when we started handcrafting garments for our peers. We've since grown into an ecommerce company where our adventurous designers develop eye-catching pieces in our Los Angeles headquarters and have them crafted with care and quality in Europe. Through this transition and team growth, our passion has remained the same - never dimming and instead spreading to additional product offerings.

As an offshoot of our jeans, SERNES men's denim jackets emerge with the same amount of individuality. These aren't your indigo-dyed truckers. Instead, they start with a familiar foundation, with a slightly tailored fit and touch of stretch for comfort. From this place, we distress or rip the material for a vintage appearance, add patterns, paint, printing, or embroidery for its personality to emerge, and speak to your rockstar lifestyle with patches and other details. Put it on, and go get ‘em.

Yet, while seasons change, your desire to express yourself never dies down or transforms. From our denim jackets, we consider all tastes and occasions to fully realize your rebellious self. Our offerings, as such, include moto jackets enhanced with zipper details, denim vests, shirt-jackets meant for layering with your favorite T-shirts, and utility styles with extra flap pockets.

Never settle for ordinary or interchangeable - we haven't. Let your inner fearlessness come through your taste in clothing. Browse our men's jackets and coats today to find styles that reflect your lifestyle, and get free express shipping on your order.

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