Some call a chart-topping hit a sellout. But, we see it differently: It’s a track that stands out from the rest, that resonates across listeners. It’s your signature, and something that kicks off the show before you play through the rest of your catalog. It’s what gets the audience interested and wanting more.

SERNES’s best-selling men’s jeans and clothing operate in a similar fashion. They’re what our customers love and request — essentially, our own No. 1 hits. They’re also a testament not to novelty style but our own approach. We began by selling handmade clothing to our peers, and have since expanded to high-quality denim, apparel, and accessories. With 10-plus years of experience among our team, we’re headquartered in Los Angeles, and have our clothing manufactured in Europe, delivering designer-level clothing at a fair price. Throughout it all, our passion has never wavered, and we’re committed to introducing unique men’s clothing made for rockstars seeking to stand out from the crowd.


Best-Selling Men’s Jeans and Denim

You prefer it skinny, with a bit of stretch, and our best-selling men’s denim reflects this. Step out and go get ‘em in skinny to slim fits enhanced with a touch of elastane to move with you. We start out with something familiar — black, indigo, grey or white denim, typically with five-pocket construction — and make it our own. Just like you, we don’t follow the herd or design for the day-to-day. Make your mark in ripped, patched, painted, printed, cargo, or iced-out jeans. Complementing and embodying the same degree of craftsmanship, out best-selling men’s denim jackets reflect this same degree of detail and personality.

Best-Selling Men’s Clothing

A rockstar’s style is never haphazard. Even the most low-key seeming have a plan. We help you out through a selection of T-shirts, button-fronts, and jackets meant to work with our jeans and show you’re fearless from head to toe. What’s the point of going all-out with your denim if the rest of you is going to hang back? Life’s a guitar solo — the more distinctive, and the more detailed, the better it will be remembered. So, start with our hits that have connected with our customers, and discover all SERNES has to offer. Shop our selection today, and get free express shipping with your order.

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